Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wishlist Item Achived!

I got one of the items on my wishlist! Care to guess which?
Surprisingly I got the one I LEAST expected to get. I definitely expected to have to wait for this one.
What is it?
A Clarisonic PRO!
Let me back up and tell you how this happened.
My mom and I had a dermatologist appointment today and they had brochures for the Clarisonic in the waiting room. I picked one up and started talking to my mom about how much I really wanted one. She responded with "Let's ask the doctor if he thinks it would be good for your skin". When we went in I asked about it and he told us that its amazing and would be really beneficial to my skin. My birthday is thursday so my mom got this for me as a birthday present. I'm so excited and I'll be giving you weekly updates as to how my skin feels!
Picture Time!:

The box:

 What comes in the set I got:
Clarisonic brush/ electronic device
body brush (for back, chest ect)
4 different cleansers

The cleansers:

Brush head for the body

What makes this set a pro set is that I get the body brush head, 4 different speed settings on the device ad the multiple cleansers. I'm not really sure what's in the other sets but I know the Clarisonic MIA that I wanted only has one speed setting.  Clarisonics are available at dermatologists offices and Sephora. I think ULTA has them too.

Ideal Make-up

I was thinking the other day about how when I apply make-up I generally am not too risky. I use different combinations of products that are basically the same in order to achieve a specific look. Then I went to look at the new posts on Temptalia and I saw THIS

This is exactly what I try so hard every day to get my make-up to look like. Now maybe I'm being unrealistic, I obviously cannot look like this model, she has fabulous bone structure, me not so much. But I love the classic old-style glamourous red-lip and all beauty. I'll post pictures later of my attempts to do this look.
I. Will. Master. It.
Tell me, are there any promo images that have made you feel like this?