Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wishlist Item Achived!

I got one of the items on my wishlist! Care to guess which?
Surprisingly I got the one I LEAST expected to get. I definitely expected to have to wait for this one.
What is it?
A Clarisonic PRO!
Let me back up and tell you how this happened.
My mom and I had a dermatologist appointment today and they had brochures for the Clarisonic in the waiting room. I picked one up and started talking to my mom about how much I really wanted one. She responded with "Let's ask the doctor if he thinks it would be good for your skin". When we went in I asked about it and he told us that its amazing and would be really beneficial to my skin. My birthday is thursday so my mom got this for me as a birthday present. I'm so excited and I'll be giving you weekly updates as to how my skin feels!
Picture Time!:

The box:

 What comes in the set I got:
Clarisonic brush/ electronic device
body brush (for back, chest ect)
4 different cleansers

The cleansers:

Brush head for the body

What makes this set a pro set is that I get the body brush head, 4 different speed settings on the device ad the multiple cleansers. I'm not really sure what's in the other sets but I know the Clarisonic MIA that I wanted only has one speed setting.  Clarisonics are available at dermatologists offices and Sephora. I think ULTA has them too.

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