Sunday, August 8, 2010

who the hell is this? (aka in and out 1)

That's probably what you're saying as this post comes up on your newsfeed, so if you're one of those five, hello there! *waves*
I have no real excuse for neglecting this blog as well as those kind enough to read my inane and sporadic ramblings. I have after all, been making videos. Perhaps I find it easier to ramble into my macbook than to type things out. Regardless I get so much enjoyment from reading other peoples blogs that I feel guilty neglecting my own. Especially since I love writing. Honestly the more I type the more ridiculous my neglect seems. I now vow to update at least once a week. I'll work up to more posts from there. Additionally I'll be going to college in the fall so that should be a manageable amount, but I'm betting I'll want to blog more what with all the opportunities available in NYC. So without further ado, In and Out #1!

Denmark- If you watch my youtube channel you'll know I stayed with a friend in Denmark for a month. I loved it so much there and met so many amazing people. I can't wait to go back. Also it was very inspiring style-wise, so many new ideas to experiement with!

Feeling more comfortable in my own skin- I've always been painfully insecure but I'm getting much at appreciating my own attributes and accepting my flaws. Just in time to meet new people, eh?

Clarisonic- ah yes, a more superficial in. I LOVE THIS. While my skin is not completely clear and I didn't bring this to Denmark (didn't want to lose it) it has improved in both clarity and tone. Monthly updates will be a feature on my blog.

New lip colors- I find I'm the opposite of a lot of people in that I automatically gravitate towards red lipstick and feel weird wearing a more subtle lip color. Well, I've been experimenting with more neutral colors and I quite like them.

Not updating the blog- I think we covered that at the top ;)

Summer ending- I've loved lazing about and seeing my friends this summer, back to (school) work soon!

Summer clothes- I miss wearing pants haha

That's it! my first post in months. Getting back in the swing of things. I would love to hear from all of you what your Ins and Outs are.

Take care!
xxxx Sydney


missy_ellie_uk said...

Welcome back!

I would love a clarisonic, I keep hearing such good things about them! x

Syd said...

@miss_ellie_uk Thanks for the welcome back! I've really enjoyed reading your blog whilst I wasn't posting on mine. Keep up the great work!