Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In and Out 2

Hey there! I'm super busy packing for school (aka moving 3000 miles across the US) so I broke my once a week promise already :( sorry! BUT I am going to post an In and Out post. So without further rambling here we go.
In and Out
NYC- yes you read right, I'm moving to the big bad apple, and I'm ridiculously excited. It's nerve-wracking to be moving somewhere so different and so far away from the only place I've ever lived but it's New York! And I love that city.

True Blood- Oh Eric, when will you and Sookie just get together already, or if you get tired of her, I am totally open to your Viking hotness ;)

Vichy Dermablend- no words for this other than AH-MAZING. Seriously this stuff is fantastico, and I don't often use that word (actually I've never used it before). I've been using the concealer and foundation for over a week now and let me tell you this stuff covers like nobody's business. I've been using it in 15 Opal which will be a bit too dark for me in the winter but I can get 10 Porcelain from their website. I got mine in CVS and the foundation was $28 and the concealer was $18, but I had CVS coupons. I know it's a bit expensive for something from a drugstore but for a heavy coverage foundation that doesn't look the least bit mask-like I think it's worth it. I'll do a full review on this soon

Packing- As excited as I am to be going to school, packing is a bit of a pain in the ass. Seriously I have so much clothing that this has taken me over a week to do.

Burning my tongue- So this is a random one, but I burnt my tongue eating last night and it still hurts. OW!

Missing my cats- Gonna miss snuggling with my kitties. Enough said

So that's my In and Outs of the moment. Tell me yours in the comments!


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