Saturday, August 14, 2010

NARS Fall 2010

Good god, look at that ridiculously gorgeous promo image...

Now I know I'm a bit late blogging about this, but hey, I've just gotten back into the swing of things, be gentle. Now as to the actual subject of this post... I've picked up exactly one thing from the NARS Fall 2010 collection, and I've picked up 4 of them. That would be the ridiculously gorgeous Rouge Basque. It's love. I have fallen so hard for this lipstick that I'm contemplating conducting a one-woman protest outside of Francois Nars' house/appartment. It's serious. THIS IS NOT PUPPY LOVE MOM! Daphne Guinness is wearing Rouge Basque as a stain in the promo image, but I like to apply it full. GORGEOUS! In my recent youtube haul video (the last part of the 3 parter) I'm wearing Rouge Basque and mention how much I love it

Obligatory swatches

Top- thickly aplied, Bottom- sheer stain

On the lips!

I applied it on my lips somewhere between the stain swatch and the thick swatch. I think it's such a gorgeous color for fall. Love it! It goes on smoothly as all NARS lipsticks do though it does cling to the dry bits I have on my lips at the moment, should have exfoliated them before doing the swatches! Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know if you have or will pick anything up from this NARS collection



Ansa said...

That's a very color lipstick for fall. I haven't picked up anything yet from NARS fall collection but have a list of wish items. I really want to try both of the eyeshadow duos. Lovely blog. xx

3ate4 said...

Looks lovely!

Syd said...

@ Ansa The eyeshadow duos were gorgeous in person, I'm regretting not picking one up

@3ate4 Thanks! (love your name)